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Online Casino Guide For European Casino Players

Top Bitcoin Casinos in 2019: Best Gaming Sites Accepting Crypto Money

Just a couple of years ago, the number of working Bitcoin casinos used to be vanishingly small. By 2019, the share of gambling sites, accepting BTC and other types of crypto currency, has grown significantly. Moreover, experts believe that this trend will preserve in the nearest future. Because of the growing number of Bitcoin gambling sites, choosing the best one can be a problem. We hope our comprehensive guide will help you make the right choice.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

These days, you’ll hardly find any online casino that offers no bonuses. Commonly, a bonus serves as the main promotion tool for attracting new gamers to the platform. Typical for Bitcoin casinos types of bonuses are cash (crypto) welcome bonuses and free spins. When choosing a casino for taking advantage of bonuses, consider the following characteristics.

The Total Number of Deposit Bonuses

Welcome bonuses, a.k.a. deposit bonuses, are provided to new users who open an account and make the first cash deposit. Some Bitcoin casinos grant bonuses for the first two, three, four, and even five deposits! Thus, with top BTC casinos, new players can get up to 5 BTC and 200-250 spins in the form of welcome bonuses! Quite a generous offer for high-rollers, isn’t it?

Availability of No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses usually come as special offers of new gaming sites. However, some old reputable online casinos provide them as well. No deposit bonuses are granted to new players for a mere fact of registration. They are not big, and they commonly come in the form of free spins rather than cash. Sometimes, the number of gratis spins can reach 25! Keep in mind, however, that if you win something, you’ll have to fulfill wagering requirements to take the winning. 

Games at Bitcoin Casinos

The number and assortment of games is another important criterion, which needs to be considered when you choose a BTC casino for enjoyment and relaxation. To players’ delight, the selection of games in modern casinos is really impressive. The most popular game categories are as follows.

Online Slots in Bitcoin Casinos

Without any doubt, slot games are the most popular option. They attract gamers with their simplicity and diversity. You need no special skills to spin the reels with colorful pictures on them. Bitcoin casinos in USA offer all kinds of slot games – from penny slot machines and fruit machines to modern 3D slots and ever-popular themed slots. Another advantage of slots is a possibility of adjusting a game, according to your needs and financial capabilities. Thus, in most games, you can change the bet size per line and the number of active lines. Special features and bonus rounds make slot games even more captivating. Here are some great Bitcoin casino options with a decent selection of slot games.

  • A top-rated Bitcoin casino is CryptoWild casino, which offers a crazy selection of 569 slot games from 12 software providers, including 20 options with a progressive jackpot. 

  • In mBit casino, you’ll find 864 slots from Betsoft, Novomatic, and CoinGaming. 63 of them have a progressive jackpot option. 

  • Gamblers who want to enjoy the utmost diversity, can try BitStarz casino with over 760 slot games by 22 providers. 

Blackjack in Bitcoin Casinos

Blackjack is arguably one of the most popular games in the world of online gambling. The classic blackjack is sometimes referred to as 21. The goal of the game is to score 21 points, using playing cards. As of now, there exist many variations of the game, which have minor differences in terms of rules of playing. But in any case, a blackjack game is always the interaction of a player and a dealer. Some of the best Bitcoin casinos, these days, support live dealer games where a gambler interacts with a real person via a video chat. It goes without saying that live blackjack is among the most popular options around. If you are looking for a good Bitcoin blackjack casino, consider the following platforms:

  • 7Bit casino is a top-rated site that offers 9 classic blackjack options plus 1 American blackjack. The live dealer section includes three blackjack tables.

  • FortuneJack casino is a Bitcoin casino with 57 blackjack games total. Apart from this, there are 10 tables for live blackjack gaming. 

  • BitStarz casino has a decent selection of 8 classic blackjack games and 2 American blackjack options. As for the live dealer section, 6 blackjack tables are at your disposal.

Roulette in Bitcoin Casinos

The charm of the roulette game is in its simplicity and availability. This is a classic game of fortune and chance where a gambler gets random results by spinning a wheel. Depending on the game version, there can be different winning combinations. The luckiest players have a chance of multiplying their bet size by 35. There are quite a lot Bitcoin roulette casinos to choose from. Most of them offer more than one version of the game. A live roulette game is also available on some top-rated crypto gambling websites. Thus, we can recommend the following casinos to the fans of roulette:

  • BetChain is a popular Bitcoin casino where one can choose from 37 various types of roulette. Additionally, there are 8 roulette tables in the live dealer section available.

  • Oshi Casino is another trusted crypto casino with 50 versions of the roulette game to choose from. Also, gamers can take advantage of 8 roulette tables in the live gaming mode.

  • FortuneJack is an honest Bitcoin casino where you can enjoy up to 35 versions of the roulette game. The good news for the fans of live gaming: 40 live roulette tables are at your disposal here.

Dice Games in Bitcoin Casinos

Dice games are one of the most ancient types of games available in modern virtual casinos. They are especially popular in the Oriental culture, for example, in China. In a traditional dice game, you need to guess any number 0 through 9999 and try to predict whether the next number will be higher or lower. There are several versions of dice games. Probably, the best-known of them is craps. Different versions of craps can be found in different crypto casinos. Another popular game is Sic Bo. Commonly, in this game, a player throws three dice instead of two. If you are a fan of dice games, we can recommend considering the following Bitcoin betting sites.

  • DuckDice casino. As the name implies, this casino specializes in dice games. Apart from the classic dice game, it offers the Sniper option, which is a new version of a dice game where one can play with other participants.

  • FortuneJack casino. This is one of the largest USA Bitcoin casinos where you will find, at least, two craps games and one dice game.

  • CryptoGames casino. This is a trusted and reliable Bitcoin casino with several gaming options. One of them is a classic dice game with simple and elegant black design.

Lottery Games in Bitcoin Casinos

Lottery games are less popular than other kinds of casino games, as the chance for winning a jackpot is relatively low. Lottery relates to the category of random game where you are to guess numbers. There are not many Bitcoin casinos providing the games of this type, but we can recommend, at least, one of them:

  • CryptoGames casino allows to play lotto (a lottery game), using Bitcoins and other kinds of cryptocurrency.

Poker Games in Bitcoin Casinos

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that poker is the most diverse card casino game ever. All in all, there are over one hundred variations of this ancient game. Now, you can enjoy your favorite poker games on Bitcoin gambling sites. Apart from classic poker games, BTC online casinos offer video poker and live dealer games. The best casinos to play poker are the following:

  • FortuneJack is a real finding for video poker lovers. It offers 100 variation of video poker and 8 kinds of classic table poker. Additionally, there are 8 live dealer poker tables available.

  • BetChain boasts the widest selection of poker games: 131 video poker options + 30 table poker versions. But there are no live dealer tables.

Mobile Bitcoin Casinos

Whether we want it or not, mobile gaming has become a part of our life. Generally speaking, you don’t need a computer to access an online Bitcoin casino anymore. All you need is a good smartphone running iOS or Android. Some casinos are also compatible with Windows Phone and Blackberry, but there are not many of them. Using a smartphone, you can create an account in a casino, claim for bonuses, deposit and withdraw funds, and, of course, play your favorite games without any limitations. 

There are two types of mobile casinos for Bitcoin users: downloadable and instant ones. Downloadable mobile casinos come in the form of dedicated mobile applications that need to be installed and act as a separate program. Not many Bitcoin casinos  have their own apps these days; besides, the number of games adopted for apps is limited. Moreover, casino apps are usually not available in official stores from Google and Apple. It means you’ll have to download them from third-party sites, which can be a problem, especially for iOS users.

Instant mobile casinos are a more popular and easy to use option. These are usual online casinos, which are accessed via a mobile browser. Nowadays, most casinos, including those accepting Bitcoins, create a mobile version of the sites, so they are initially adapted for touchscreens. The advantage of an instant Bitcoin casino for mobile devices is a possibility to access the same games and features without the need of using a PC or a laptop. With a smartphone, you enjoy a better mobility, which means you can play your favorite casino games wherever you are. 

If you are an active mobile user, we recommend you to check whether a casino has a mobile version every time you choose a platform for gaming. 

The History of Crypto Casinos

Online casinos entered the gambling market long before we heard about Bitcoin and blockchain. The popular banking methods in early e-casinos were credit cards and e-wallets, such as PayPal. Gradually, new payment systems and methods were adopted.

Bitcoin is more than just a new payment method. It is a totally different approach based on the revolutionary blockchain technology. Thanks to the unique structure of every transaction, a customer using Bitcoins stays completely anonymous. On the one hand, it provides an unpreceded level of security. On the other hand, it allows 100% confidentiality. No surprise that this technology became so popular in the gambling sphere.

However, the process of integration of the blockchain technology with e-casinos was relatively slow. The first casino that began accepting Bitcoins as a deposit method was SatoshiDice. It wasn’t even a casino in the full sense of this word, as the only game available on the site was a dice game. The casino owners, as well as its users, were completely anonymous. And still, its popularity was enormous. By the way, SatoshiDice still exists, though a lot of newer, more interesting options appeared.

Over the last years, the situation in the sphere of cryptocurrencies has changed. Bitcoin is now used as an official payment method on many sites. Moreover, new cryptocurrencies appear and become popular. Today, more and more casinos accept not  only Bitcoins but also Litecoins, Dash, and so on. The range of Bitcoin games has also expanded. Nowadays, one can play Bitcoin slots, poker, roulette, and dozens of other games. Bitcoin wallets are used for both depositing and withdrawal. 

We don’t know what the future of cryptocurrencies is. But experts believe that the sphere of application of Bitcoins will continue to grow. It’s quite probable that the number of Bitcoin casinos in the world will grow as well. After all, this is a reliable, secure, and confidential system, which is perfect for gambling. 

Using Bitcoin Wallets and Currency Exchange: General Information

 Before you make your first deposit in the Bitcoincasino, you need to get Bitcoins somewhere. The same is about withdrawal: you need a place for Bitcoins storage. Nowadays, there are a lot of options available. It’s for you to decide what to choose. 

If you are not engaged in Bitcoin mining, you can get them on one of the popular crypto exchanges. There are dozens of various exchanges available. Some of the best-known crypto exchanges are Coinbase and Bitstamp. Most exchanges support not only Bitcoins but other kinds of cryptocurrencies as well.

General Information about Bitcoin Wallets

Another question you need to find an answer to is where to store Bitcoins. Of course, you can store them right in your account on the currency exchange site. However, this is definitely not the safest method around. Though exchange sites boast a decent level of protection, they are not totally hack-proof. There are recorded cases when exchanges were hijacked, and users lost their money. That is why a better idea is to store your Bitcoins in a wallet.

A Bitcoin is different from usual e-wallets, such as Payeer or PayPal. It looks like a piece of software that is installed on your PC or mobile device. There are great many of Bitcoin wallets; all of them are created by third-party developers. Different wallets are compatible with different operating systems. You can choose any software you like and trust most. The examples of well-known reliable software wallets are Electrum (for PCs and laptops running Windows, Mac, and Linux + Android devices), BRD (for Apple and Android), and Bitcoin Wallet (for Android only). 

Can I Store Bitcoins in the Hard Drive?

If you don’t trust any software, you may like the idea of storing Bitcoins on a separate flash drive. In Bitcoin casino reviews, some users write they use hardware wallets to store large amounts of Bitcoins. They resemble usual USB-drives and are quite easy to use. Most USB wallets are compatible with different types of cryptocurrency. 

Irrespective of what type of Bitcoin storage you opt for, double-check the information about it. Try to choose trusted and reliable solutions. There are plenty of real user reviews online, so don’t be lazy to check everything. Though Bitcoins are believed to be the most protected currency in the world, extra precaution measures will help you feel safe.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoins

If you are new to the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies, you may want to know the answers to the most popular questions about Bitcoins. We’ve gathered some of them in our FAQ section. Hopefully, it will help you to find basic information about this innovative currency and its application in the gambling sphere. 

Who created Bitcoins?

It is generally considered that Bitcoin came into existence in 2008, the year of registration of the domain At the end of the same year, the instructions for using Bitcoins were issued. They explained how this fully decentralized system functions. Technically, Bitcoin is a network of separate independent nodes (computers), which process (verify) transactions between users. The whole system is completely decentralized.

The creator of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. However, nobody knows for sure whether this is a real person or a group of people hiding under this name. 

Are Bitcoin Casinos Provably Fair?

First and foremost, you need to understand what the term “provably fair” means. Essentially, it has nothing to do with Bitcoins. A provably fair casino is the casino, the fairness of which can be proved (and is proved) technically. But how is it possible if the result of any game of chance can’t be predicted? It turns out, there are special algorithms that allow to check whether the result of one particular spin or rolling was really random or modified deliberately. Top-rated casino sites are regularly tested by independent auditors for fairness.

So, when it comes to the fairness of an online casino, Bitcoin support doesn’t matter. Bitcoin is just a method of funds depositing; it doesn’t interfere into a gaming process. That said, it is not impossible to find a provably fair Bitcoin casino. Many of the top sites accepting Bitcoins are provably fair or have provably fair games.

Why Use Bitcoins for gambling? 

You may use a variety of payment systems for adding funds to your casino account. Does Bitcoin have any real advantages over other methods? Of course, your gaming experience doesn’t depend on the currency used. And still, experts believe there are some strong reasons to opt for Bitcoins.

  • Decentralization. There is no particular person or a group of people who regulate Bitcoin. You are the only person who knows how much money there is in your wallet and what transactions you make. Nobody can forbid you to make particular transactions or set any limits regarding the amount of money transferred. In other words, the whole system doesn’t belong to anybody. 

  • Speed. Transactions in Bitcoins are much faster than traditional bank transfers. Bitcoin suits for both depositing and withdrawal. Usually, a transaction is processed within 10 minutes.

  • Anonymity and confidentiality. Needless to say, the biggest advantage of Bitcoin is the anonymity of transactions. Thanks to the unique blockchain technology, each transaction passes through a unique route, consisting of random nods. It is very difficult to track this route, but even if someone does it, it’s impossible to link this transaction to you. 

  • Global coverage. Different payment systems work in different countries. Bitcoin is the first currency that can be used everywhere in the world. It doesn’t belong to a particular country or region. Instead, it is a really universal system, which works in any corner of the world. The only requirement is Internet access.

  • Commissions are very low, somewhat about 5-10 cent per transaction. The great thing is that the size of the commission doesn’t depend on the sum. You may transfer $5 or $5000, it doesn’t matter for the system. This is a principal difference of Bitcoin from traditional payment systems. 

Why Not Use Bitcoins for Gambling?

Bitcoin has many advantages, but it is not completely flawless. The first major concern associated with Bitcoin is its high volatility. Its exchange rate tends to float within a week or even within a day. 

Another disadvantage of Bitcoin is its unclear legal status. As of now, in many countries, it is completely prohibited, while in others its status is “grey”. Also, as there is no single owner of Bitcoin, nobody is responsible for it. It means that you can’t void an incorrect transaction or request for money return. Finally, using Bitcoins is a bit more complicated technically, if compared to usual e-wallets. You need to understand how it works before you start using it.

Are There Casinos Accepting Other Types of Cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world but it is not the only one. Other popular currencies are Litecoins, Etherium, Monero, and some others. The best Bitcoin casino sites accept them as well. For example, you can check FortuneJack casino, CryptoGames casino or DuckDice. 

The Bottom Line

Bitcoin casinos are gaining popularity day after day. You can use Bitcoins regardless of the country you live in or the language you speak. This is a convenient, fast, and safe method of money transfer. Of course, like any new technology, Bitcoin will be changed, developed, and modernized in the future. We can’t predict how it will change in the nearest future. Anyway, nowadays, Bitcoin is one of the most promising systems, which is successfully applied in the sphere of online gambling.

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